Nanny Jobs requirements and responsibilities

Published: 21st May 2010
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A nanny is a professional who is required to take care of the child or children of a family. Contemporary nannies are supposed to carry out their duties, like other household workers, depending on their circumstances and those of the family that employs them.

Traditionally, nanny jobs were very different but now-a-days; it is more comprehensive and includes a number of tasks and responsibilities.

Also, every household has its specific and peculiar needs and requirements. As in, that a household may need a nanny who lives with them and share household work. They may even prefer a nanny who lives out. Their need for a nanny may be of full-time child care or may be such that their budget may allow for part-time nanny. Should a nanny know how to swim, drive a car, cook, help with homework, know first-aid and care for a child with disability?

Thus, it is appropriate to prioritize the tasks of a nanny. Nanny jobs are such that only the employing family can decide that what all they expect from their child's nanny like for example flexibility, eagerness, autonomy or a good sense of humor. The family may choose someone young or active or someone older with more experience and brushed up skills. So the skills of the nanny make a lot of difference while doing the nanny jobs.

Now, that modern families have a different view of the nanny and the nanny jobs, the historic version from times past is rare. A nanny may or may not need to wear a uniform but a respectful standard of dress is important even today. Nanny jobs may yield perks like a flat and a car. Some nannies are required to be highly trained, though education, training, and experience vary greatly.

The primary tasks to be performed by a nanny are providing childcare during the specified hours agreed upon with the employing family. Nanny also supports the physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs of the children of the family. Nanny protects the children of the family from harm and ensuring that they have a safe environment and prepare appetizing and nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks for the children of the family. Nanny has to maintain good communication with the children's parents and inform them of each of their children's development and concerns in behavior. Maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the household as affected by the children of the family is also among her primary tasks and responsibilities.

Typically, age is not a constraint for these nanny jobs. Though anybody can but particularly, women in their 20s to 60's take up employment as nannies. Some may be even younger.

Lastly, it's important to observe some basic guidelines for nannies, like a nanny must be at least 18 years of age, must have completed high school or equivalent. Nanny should be in sound health with proof of immunizations. The training and experience may vary, but all qualified nannies should give true love and respect to children they care for

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